My Favorite Recipe Websites

I’m extremely picky about recipe websites on the internet. There are so many terrible recipes and so much awful cooking advice out there that trying to find quality recipes is quite a chore. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stumbled across a “homemade ___” recipe only to see Bisquick, Campbell’s Mushroom Soup, or boxed cake mix as an ingredient. It’s frustrating, and it’s often easier to just give up and check out cookbooks from the library instead.

There are, however, a few quality recipe sites out there that that appreciate cooking food from scratch and give excellent cooking advice. I’ve listed my favorites below. I’ve tried many recipes from each and very rarely have I ever been let down. They’ve all taught me many things about cooking, and I’m grateful to them for sharing their knowledge. On Frugal Skills I want to allow an easy platform for readers interested.

Almost Turkish
I didn’t know much about Turkish food before I found this website, but I’m in love with it now after trying many of Burcu’s recipes. Her Turkish Tabbouleh recipe is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten (and inexpensive to make as well).

Manjula’s Kitchen
Manjula taught me everything I know about cooking Indian food. Her Chana Masala recipe is a regular meal in my household, as it’s delicious, healthy, and extremely cheap. Many recipes are accompanied by YouTube tutorials that beginner cooks may find useful.

Beans Beans Beans
Beans Beans Beans is nothing but bean recipes. Beans should be a staple in every frugal person’s diet, and Beans Beans Beans offers several creative ways to prepare them. Beginner cooks should check out the guides about how to cook dried beans.

Food Network
Yes, I know this is home to the infamous Kwanzaa Cake, and I admit that there’s a lot of garbage on this website. The key here is to find a chef you like and stick to their recipes. Alton Brown, for example, is extremely reliable and is a great resource for learning how to cook. I also recommend Emeril’s Simple Balsamic Vinaigrette recipe.

Clifford A. Wright
I’m a huge fan of Clifford’s Mediterranean cookbooks, and many of his published recipes are available for free on his website. His simple Lentil Soup recipe inspired me to add more lentils to my diet.

Hummus Blog
Hummus Blog has the best and most authentic hummus and falafel recipes on the internet.